How does assistance work?

Patients undergoing cancer treatment in the Tulsa area can complete an application requesting assistance. Requests are presented to the Assistance in Health Care Patient Assistance Committee for review and approval on a monthly basis; typically the second Thursday of each month. Applicants will either receive a check in the mail the fourth week of the month, or will receive a letter explaining why they were not approved for assistance.

Do you help with medical expenses?

We provide assistance with non-medical costs, including rent, utilities, food and emergencies.

What if I am in remission?

At this time we are only able to provide assistance to those undergoing active cancer treatment.

I received a letter stating that I was denied assistance because I am not in active treatment, but I go to a doctor and am prescribed medicine; isn't that active treatment?

Our determination of active treatment is based on the information provided by physicians or nurses on the treatment verification section of the application. While you may be taking medication, if it is not specifically for the purpose of treating cancer, it is not considered active treatment. If you have concerns regarding the information provided by your physician's office, please speak with whomever is providing this information on your application.

Do I have to live in Tulsa?

While we only provide assistance to patients receiving treatment in the Tulsa area, we do not require recipients to live here; we have many recipients that travel to Tulsa for treatment.

Do you have income eligibility requirements?

Applicants must show financial need. We know that circumstances vary significantly between applicants however, and we look at each case individually rather than setting limits on income.

How much financial assistance can I get?

Applicants may choose the amount they request. The amount distributed fluctuates depending on the number of applicants each month and the level of need of those applicants; monthly checks typically range from $100-$300. Recipients are able to receive a maximum of $2000 in a calendar year.